Experience The Privileges and Advantages of Professional Diversity with InHouse


InHouse was founded as a department of Hannover Fairs Turkey in 2008 to design and build turnkey exhibition stands to exhibitors in its fairs.

After handing over remarkable projects, our expertise in exhibition stands has been immediately recognized by our clients and created a larger demand.

Thus, we have expanded our services to other shows both in Turkey and other countries and completed exhibition stands in various venues including Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Antalya, Ankara, Nicé, Paris, Barcelona, Dusseldorf, Hannover, Las Vegas, Chicago, Moscow, Milan and Buenos Aires.


InHouse creates and delivers award winning modular and custom built exhibition stands that look fantastic and are created specifically around your objectives,to help you win customers and give you a return on your investment, whatever your budget.


Our team has 19 years of experience in the design and production of exhibition stands, individual booth design.

Within these 19 years, working with many high profile companies and premium brands on projects across the world, we gained a great expertise at communicating your brand creatively and cohesively within a compelling space, and we offer an extensive range of solutions that will enable you to achieve this on-budget.


If you are participating an event and looking for something different to stand out in the crowd, please contact us no matter where you are.